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Monthly Archives: March, 2010

Still Waiting for Treatment? Part 4

I would like to dedicate today’s post to my favorite medical procedure and one that I owe my father’s life to: Cardiac Surgery. I will focus on open heart surgey as opposed to the minimally … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Treatment? Part 3

Today’s topic of wait time has to do with ophthalmic surgeries, specifically cataract surgery. Please click on this link to view Video . Section: What Happens During Cataract Surgery? Mid-page … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Treatment? Part 2

Most patients fed up with long wait times will traverse an emotional phase which might push them to loose faith in their local health care system. These people can become the … Continue reading

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Still Waiting for Treatment? Part 1

Wait time can be so drastically significant and such a patient repeller that by itself, it is enough to outsource tens of thousands of patients to other destinations. The best … Continue reading

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The Outsourcing of Patients

I don’t know if you got my hint yesterday about Christopher Singh, the Expedia customer service agent in Bangalore hiding his accent… With all due respect to Expedia that I … Continue reading

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Keep The Docs Smiling

Medical Tourism does affect the local health care economy and the more patients decide to travel abroad for health care, the more the US providers will suffer and look like … Continue reading

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Undiscovered Territory

The other day I was at Barnes & Nobles in my local mall and I was looking for a book about Medical Tourism. To my surprise, I didn’t find anything on … Continue reading

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