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Mind Map of “Recommendation” in Medical Tourism

Today, we continue our mind mapping series and focus on a word that plays a major role in health care settings and in customer service. Recommendation. Usually, people are recommended to: … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Surgery – Abdominoplasty

Between 11 to13 million cosmetic surgeries are performed in the United States every year. In 2006, 11 million of these type of surgeries were performed in America and in 2007, … Continue reading

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Mind Map of “Transparency” in Medical Tourism

Today we map our second theme in Medical Tourism. “Transparency” Let’s first find out what this word means. Something transparent is inevitably see-through like glass, well not all glass… So … Continue reading

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Mind Map of “Fear” in Medical Tourism

We begin our mind mapping series on Patients Crossing Oceans. As mentioned previously, many thoughts come to mind when we dissect a subject, in our case Medical Tourism. Mind Maps … Continue reading

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Tourism South Africa

Tourism in South Africa is spectacular. It has several incentives for international patients who have visited the land for medical treatment and who would like to get some fun out … Continue reading

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Medical Tourism South Africa Part 4D – Durban’s Hospitals

Let’s tour some of Durban’s hospitals as this is our last stop in South Africa’s health care setting. In the next post, we will review the Tourism industry of this … Continue reading

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Using Mind Maps

So many thoughts come to mind when you hear the words Medical Tourism. Imagine you or a friend were asked the question: Name 5 things that come to your mind … Continue reading

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