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October’s Featured Country: Bonjour Tunisie!


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Thank You Croatia!

I want to thank all sponsors and active members of the Croatian series in September 10. You have made PCO proud.  The following is content as is provided from our … Continue reading

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Croatian Medical Tourism on Slideshare

Croatian Medical Tourism is on Slideshare. Yes, that cool slide show sharing platform that you always want to upload your power point to and never do! Here is the weblink … Continue reading

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Medical Tourism Croatia, Part 3 – Dr. Nemec

The Specialist Hospital for orthopedic and general surgery “Dr NEMEC” is located in Matulji, near the city of Rijeka. This specialty hospital was built for the purpose of treating patients with … Continue reading

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Croatian Medical Tourism, Part 2 – Orthopedic Procedures

It looks like today (09/27/2010), CMT is writing about orthopedic surgery and joint replacements. This site is a rich resource to discover about medical procedures in Croatia. I often visit their site and learn every … Continue reading

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Whole-Body Hyperthermia – Cancer Treatment

Patients who have developed metastatic activity which is where the cancer has spread throughout their body can undergo Whole-body hyperthermia. Several techniques are used to raise the body temperature to … Continue reading

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Croatian Medical Tourism – Part 1

Croatian Medical Tourism (Click link above for direct access) is a wealth of information presented through periodic articles and backed by some very efficient process that has solid legal foundations. Click for … Continue reading

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