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Hospital México Americano in Guadalajara, Jalisco

Hospital Mexico Americano (HMA) was founded in 1958 by an American physician and Baptist missionary, Dr. Edward Lamar Cole (seen below). Located in the province of Jalisco, this hospital has been providing quality healthcare in Mexico for over 50 years.

HMA is a tertiary care medical center and employs over 300 doctors in all specialties of medicine. It has become a regional medical hub for research and a center of excellence in cardiology and surgery. HMA is Guadalajara’s sole JCI accredited hospital.

HMA is:

Useful Links for HMA:

  1. Planning your travel
  2. Travel Coordinators
  3. Scheduling Treatment
  4. Management
  5. Payment
  6. Travel Facts
  7. Contact HMA


HMA has identified five reasons for traveling patients to choose their facility.

 1. JCI Accreditation

For any hospital in the world, JCI accreditation is the first and foremost driver for competition.

2. Affordability

HMA is well aware of the global medical tourism competition. This is a statement on their website convincing patients to choose their facility:

“HMA is extremely price competitive when compared to private medical care in North America and other international destinations. Our prices are 30-50% less than comparable care in Thailand and Singapore, and as much as 80% less than private healthcare in the US. HMA also offers packages for popular surgeries that include doctor and hospital fees.”

3. Proximity

HMA tries to take advantage of its geographical proximity to California and the convenience of US flights from major airports such as Chicago O’Hare and Houston G. Bush.

4. Guadalajara

An enchanting description of beautiful Guadalajara and Jalisco province.

5. Outcomes

A description of the most important reason for any patient in the world: What will be the outcome of my treatment and will it be worth the try?


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