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Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey Part 1

Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey is accredited by the Joint Commission International. Since 1969, it has been providing the right mix of cutting edge technology and compassionate care. Its medical professionals and procedures are relatively cost-effective compared to other hospitals in Mexico, let alone to North American and European Standards.

This hospital is sponsored by the internationally recognized Tecnologico de Monterrey and the campus is located about 150 miles from the US border with Texas. Tecnológico de Monterrey promotes academic excellence, research, innovation, and transfer of knowledge.

Its affiliation with its Medical School, Center for Biotechnology and Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Center is strong. Tecnológico de Monterrey has been training health professionals and empowering new models for clinical care and research.

Their contribution to different sectors of research is much-needed in Mexico and responds to the defiance intrinsic to public health in the country and in the region.

In part 2 of this series, we’ll discover the achievements of this hospital in Mexico and in Latin America. We’ll also dig into specialty care such as cardiology and orthopedic surgery. We’ll also tour their international program for medical travelers.

But first > Watch their “audacious” TV dd!

Her iPod was intact!

We’ll be back with Part 2


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