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Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey Part 2

We began our Hospital Discovery on Hospital San José Tec de Monterrey – HSJ.  This medical center in northern Mexico is situated in the city of Monterrey, approximately 150 miles from the Texas-Mexico border and caters well to international patients including many baby boomers arriving by air and wheels from nearby Texas, Louisiana and Arizona. 

Today we’ll continue with Part 2 and focus on the achievements that this hospital has been spotted for in main land Mexico and in Latin America . HSJ is proud to be accredited by Joint Commission International – JCI –  and is the only hospital in Monterrey to have achieved this. 


  • First private hospital to combine Emergency, Surgery and Recovery services and first to offer Periodic Medical Evaluation and Early Cancer Detection programs (1973)
  • First private hospital to perform a kidney transplant (1979)
  • First coronary by-pass in a private hospital (1975)
  • Inauguration of the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in a private hospital (1980)
  • First private hospital to have a cardiovascular surgery program (1981)
  • Inauguration of advanced coronary angiography equipment in a private hospital (1989)
  • First private hospital to perform a lung transplant (1994)
  • First liver transplant in a private hospital, the only one authorized by the Mexican Secretary of Health (1999)
  • First successful artificial hepatic support treatment with MARS (2003)
  • Inauguration of the most highly equipped cath lab rooms for the diagnosis and interventionist treatment of heart, brain, and peripheral circulation artery diseases (2006)

Latin America

  • First use of a laser beam in ocular surgery (1986)
  • Inauguration of the greatest capacity Nuclear Magnetic Resonance machine (1993)
  • First private hospital to use Healthcare SAP information technology to support its operations (2003)
  • First totally robotic surgery in the country performed with Da Vinci, the second robot surgeon in Latin America (2006)
  • First hospital to have dual source computed tomography – CT – which leads to safe and accurate heart diagnoses (2007)


Radiology & Nuclear Medicine:

HSJ has PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computerized tomography) diagnosis equipment and specialists can get hold of images by combining the PET and the CT for full patient information from both the anatomical and functional standpoint.

This helps patients who have oncological, cardiac and neurological ailments get treated with great precision.


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