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What is an Axillo-Femoral Artery Bypass?

Axillo-femoral artery bypass has been an alternative extra-anatomic bypass procedure for aorto-iliac occlusive disease since its introduction in 1963. This extra-anatomic bypass has been used in special conditions where the … Continue reading

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Stem Cells Therapy Video

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When is Shoulder Arthroscopy Recommended?

Your doctor may recommend shoulder arthroscopy if you have a painful condition that does not respond to nonsurgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatment includes rest, physical therapy, and medications or injections that … Continue reading

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◄► Le Boom de la Chirurgie Esthétique au Liban

Une banque surfe sur la soif de beauté des Libanaises et propose des prêts adaptés. Le nombre d’opérations ne cesse d’augmenter. Un phénomène lié à la guerre ? Après la … Continue reading

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What is Pancreatic Insufficiency?

Pancreatic insufficiency occurs when the pancreas does not synthesise sufficient enzymes for proper digestion to take place. The organ produces and secretes digestive fluids containing enzymes, which help break down … Continue reading

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Lebanon’s JCI-Accredited Clemenceau Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Affiliate

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC) is designed to offer patients the most innovative treatments and technologies, in a safe and compassionate environment. Our Patients will be among the first, in the … Continue reading

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Patients Crossing Oceans Reaches 70,000+ Visitors!

At PCO, we are proud to have gone over 70,000 visitors. As always, thank you to our loyal readers who have made this happen. Nous sommes fiers de surpasser le cap des … Continue reading

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