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Dental Tourism: How Far Would You Go for A Crown? (Part 2 of 2)

Via Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S. > NYC Cosmetic Dentist > Continued from Monday 03/26/2012

Recourse — You will have little to none with a Mexican dentist. Like I mentioned above, malpractice insurance is virtually non-existent in Mexico, so odds are, they don’t carry it. Plus, international laws make suing across borders very difficult (if not impossible). In short, if something goes wrong, the best you might get is an “I’m sorry.”


Pricing table Currency Unknown (v) Click to open in separate window

Follow-up Care — Unless you wish to go back, you won’t have any.

Work Quality — OK, I may get yelled at in the comments section, but I have to bring this to light: I have worked on many mouths that had implants/crowns/bridges done in Mexico. And in all of my time doing so, I have yet to find one that I would call acceptable. Listen, dentistry is a very microscopic science. If the crown margins (where the crown meets the tooth) are not properly sealed, they will fail very quickly (and often lead to infection).

Again, I have seen this firsthand repeatedly. Now, maybe I’m just seeing the bad ones (after all, these patients came to me with an issue) — I’m quite sure there is good, professional dental work done in Mexico. But (and again, this is more my opinion as a NYC Cosmetic Dentist than anything else), you are really taking your chances.

Go on their website – click image

Materials Used — The alloys that I use (for example, to reinforce the crown under the porcelain) are FDA regulated. In Mexico, they are not, and can contain almost anything. I’ve heard complaints (firsthand) about sickness, bad taste, etc. coming from inferior alloys that leech into the salvia and similar. One more time — this is not a universal statement, but yes, I’ve seen it, so I’d be remiss if I did not mention it.


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