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2012 Asian Hospital Management Awards Finalists (Part 1 of 2)

Source: JCI
Thirteen of the finalists for 2012 Asian Hospital Management Awards are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). The finalists were chosen out of 363 entries representing 89 hospitals from 12 countries. Winners will be awarded in an event at the Melia Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam, on 14 September 2012. JCI is among the event’s sponsors.
JCI–accredited finalists are as follows: 
Corporate Social Responsibility
•Apollo Hospitals, India—-“Apollo Community Outreach Program”
Cost Reduction 
•Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, India—”Increased Productivity through Reduction of Length of Stay”
Service Improvement for Internal Customers
•Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, Thailand—”Tele-Interpretation Service”
•Institute of Mental Health, Singapore—”Promote Improved Integrated Care Through the Reduction of Patient Rejection Referrals to the Community Mental Health Services”
•Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore—”Revolution in Picking and Distribution Method—The TRI-CART System”
Marketing, Public Relations, or Promotional
•Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Thailand—”Comprehensive Mobile Check-Up Beside You”
•Yashoda Hospitals, India—”Fight the Salt Monster”
•Wooridul Hospital, South Korea—”Wooridul International Marketing Strategies”
To be continued…

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