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First Class Medical Tourism

Source: ABC News October 1, 2013 8:22 AM Beyond The Headline Joy Guion of Hickory, N.C., recently took her first trip on a plane – a flight to the sun-soaked … Continue reading

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Expectations vs. Experiences for Medical Travelers

Source: Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management Mapping experience of the inbound medical tourists against their expectations for pre-procedure and procedure stage has provided important insights. At the preprocedure … Continue reading

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Medical Tourism on 60 Minutes

The video runs 10:42 (min:sec), and it first aired on CBS 60 Minutes in Sept 2005. The video features hospitals in Thailand and India which have the feel of a … Continue reading

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Quality: A Primary Consideration for Medical Travel

Source: Deloitte Increased access to report cards about provider safety and effectiveness, and patient satisfaction scores for hospitals and physicians have helped to fuel growing consumer and employer awareness of … Continue reading

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Consumer Interest in Outbound Medical Tourism

Source: Deloitte As patients are exposed to greater financial burdens resulting from higher co-payments and price transparency efforts, they are likely to seek low-cost treatment alternatives such as medical tourism. … Continue reading

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नारायण हृदयालय Bangalore’s Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital (Part 1 of 3)

Source: Chuck Salter / Fast Company The organization, a complex of health centers based in southern India (narayana hrudayalaya means “God’s compassionate home” in Sanskrit), offers low-cost, high-quality specialty care … Continue reading

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Thinking about Weight Loss Surgery Abroad?

Source: Surgery Overseas Many obese patients seek weight loss surgery abroad because they can receive world class medical treatment at a fraction of the price. The most common bariatric surgeries … Continue reading

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