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13 comments on “Contact

  1. Dr. Amol Pradhan
    May 12, 2010

    The article was a real nice read. We are a Dental Care Centre based out of Mumbai, India.
    We are currently expanding our reach to global patients & are intrested in tie ups with dental tourism facilitators.
    Please do visit our website & drop in a mail to carry this forward.

    • emedtravel
      May 12, 2010

      Dear Dr. Pradhan,
      Thank you for reading my article on PCO. I am glad that you enjoyed it and I’m looking forward in networking with Dental Creations to learn more about your business. International patients have many options for Dental Tourism these days and India is certainly a wise choice. I would be glad to find out more about your Center. Thank you for providing the information for our readers. I invite you to follow this Blog regularly and to comment on the general page where the Blog appears for better reception and capture by many. All the best to you, आप अपने समर्थन के लिए धन्यवाद

  2. Dr. Sanjay Tandon
    August 6, 2010


    I am Dr. Sanjay Tandon CEO of WORLD MED NET in New Delhi India. It is a Medical Tourism Company. We transfer patient globally according to their budget for medical treatment. We are interested in making you as a partner in medi-tourism. Our website is – , to communicate further E-mail us and my contact is 91-9811243032, if you want more detail about us kindly let us know.

    Thanks & Regards
    Dr. Sanjay Tandon
    New Delhi, India.

    • emedtravel
      August 6, 2010

      Dear Dr. Tandon,
      Thank you for your comment and for presenting your services to us. I will be in touch. Regards,

  3. Natalia
    October 16, 2011

    Dear AE,

    My name is Natalia and I am a Marketing Coordinator at Health & Beauty Travel Experts ( We would like to feature on your blog.

    A little background: Health & Beauty is a number one choice for medical treatment travel to Riga, Latvia – from flight and accommodation arrangements and basic doctor consultations to full service gastric bypass weight loss surgeries, dental care, plastic, orthopaedic and varicose vein treatments in the first class private elite clinics.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Marketing Coordinator
    Phone: (+371) 2020 8870

  4. Chimgee Dorj
    February 24, 2012

    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing from Mongolia. I need a good therapy for LQT3, which is a heart problem, that cause death. Where I should write or whom I should contact in this matter. I need urgent information. I need to help my sister who is diagonized. Please, provide me with information?

    • Amin Etemad
      February 24, 2012

      Dear Chimgee Dorj:
      This is via my good friend and head of Croatian Medical Tourism: Please contact this person for your cause:

      Bozlu Holding A.Ş.Mongeri Binası 19 Mayıs MahallesiDr. Şevket Bey Sokak No:534360 Şişli İSTANBULT: +90 212 231 03 03 \ 1720F: +90 212 219 82 22M: +90 549 523 69


      Ahmet Deniz YURTHasta Transferi SorumlusuPatient Transfer Supervisor T: +90 212 385 31 00 / 2504G: +90 549 523 69 23

  5. Jack
    May 30, 2013

    Looking for a nursing job at this hospital for a school(college) project, but none seem to be listed any whaere.

  6. Mehnaz
    July 8, 2013

    Hi…I have to go for an mri scan but I m not able to because I m claustrophobic. ..I have tried the tunnel as well as open but couldn’t. ..but this upright mri seems to be great…I really wanna try this so if you could give me your details so that I can contact you…thanks

    January 10, 2014

    Id like to know about:

    AMERICANO de Guadalajara Jalisco, Méx.
    I´m brazilian. I prefer communication in Spanish. thank you,
    Id like to use the “Curricula te Temas. My organization is MEFAM (www,mefam,org). I’m CO.

  8. Marie
    February 23, 2014


    I hope I’m contacting the right person regarding a reference that was made to hair loss on this page:

    I wanted to ask a quick question about something mentioned in the article. Did I contact the right person? Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks and take care.


    PS: Sorry to have bothered you if you don’t run that website.

  9. Erlinda Tom
    October 5, 2015


    I saw in your website an image of multiple stomas (via google images) and I want to ask your permission to use the image for my Powerpoint presentation of Stoma Siting.

    Thank you,

    Erlinda Tom RN BSN WCC COCN

    • Amin Etemad
      October 5, 2015

      Hi Erlinda. Sure go ahead.
      Thanks for letting me know.

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