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“Amin’s passion and dedication to the concept of medical travel is refreshing and welcomed by some of the key stakeholders within the industry. His blog, Patients Crossing Oceans, is informative and thought provoking — encompassing some very important topics relating to quality healthcare.
I look forward to Amin’s continued contributions to help develop informed consumers of international healthcare for many years to come.”

Patrick Marsek
Managing Director, Co-Author




“Frankly speaking, I’m not sure who contacted whom first, but we met through social media channels. Since then we share the same interests about medical tourism; it is my great pleasure and honor to say that we are colleagues and friends. I will never forget his first comment to my work and a sense of pride and satisfaction after that.
 Amin is enthusiastic and an open minded expert, very dedicated, experienced and a creative professional … one of those people who you have a great joy to work with.
 Today, I can say that his support and understanding was crucial for my position on the medical tourism world map. Also, it’s a great privilege to be a member of his 10.000+ visitors club.I believe that we have made only the first step on our road to success…but it feels good!! Thank you for that my Friend!
 Looking forward to our future projects!”
Mario Marinov
Founder, CEO
Croatian Medical Tourism






“I first encountered Amin through the University of St. Thomas course I teach….Financing and Funding the U.S. Health Care System.   Throughout the class Amin showed a keen interest and desire in finding ways to better serve the Marketplace in the U.S. and beyond.   It does not surprise me that he has chosen the Medical Tourism area as a focus in that it matches his passion, energy and commitment to explore and find new and creative ways to serve the market.

Amin’s daily Blog clearly shows his devotion to this growing industry which necessitates transparency and public reporting in order to become a topic of choice for the American patients choosing to travel abroad.

I think Amin is doing a good job opening eyes and displaying information on his blog that is very useful to the medical travelers of the world.”

Mark S. Fisher, MBA, FACMPE
Senior Vice President, Shared Services
University of Minnesota Physicians



 “Amin has had a great interest in the topic of international healthcare travel for a long time and he wrote an outstanding paper on the topic as part of his master’s thesis. He also presented a paper to his colleagues which was very well accepted. This is a subject that is not going to go away and I am pleased that Amin is continuing his interest in this area because it offers not only intellectual but significant business opportunities for him as well.

His work is also important as we continue work on dealing with healthcare costs in the United States. There are lessons that can be learned from our foreign neighbors on how high quality Health care can be delivered at a lower cost. The website that Amin has developed will also contribute significantly to the knowledge and interest on the topic”.  

Frederick J. Wenzel, MBA, FACMPE
Distinguished Professor of Management
University of St. Thomas, Opus College of Business, MN
Executive Board Member
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation    







“Mr. Etemad’s grasp on the topic of Medical Tourism is fantastic!  He brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion that is long overdue.  Anyone interested in learning more about healthcare options abroad, should have this blog on their favorites list!”
Brian L. Whited, M.D. MBA


“Amin Etemad is a passionate advocate and Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the topic of Medical Tourism.  As an MBA in Healthcare Administration and Medical Group Management, Amin has the academic knowledge that supports his experiences in this field.  It is evident that the world is changing and the healthcare paradigm is evolving at a staggering rate.   

Medical tourism offers a real alternative to those seeking quality healthcare delivered in a unique fashion.  When I have questions relating to medical tourism, I call on Amin for answers.”
N. Parker Cowand, MBA
President/Chief Executive Officer
Electronic Compliance Solutions, Inc.

“I met Amin Etemad when we started our health care MBA program at the University of St. Thomas.  I was always impressed with his knowledge of the health care industry and his passion to learn.  His final project was a very well reasoned and interesting discussion of medical tourism industry. I found his work extremely interesting and very well done.

This was not a topic that I knew anything about but after seeing Mr. Etemad’s work I now have a real interest in this topic and I fully intend to follow his work on this blog.”    

Keith Jackson, JD, MBA 
 Attorney, DeCare Dental   





“Having Amin as a member of my cohort at the University of St. Thomas’s MBA program has greatly enriched my perspective into global Healthcare.  Specifically, Amin’s passion and understanding of Medical Tourism, brought to light the presence of Healthcare alternatives. 

These Healthcare alternatives aren’t just a-la-carte menu items; they point to a dichotomy and further expansion of Healthcare for all.  Medical Tourism is a market that is not only expanding, but highlighting consumer-driven Healthcare.  Patient’s grabbing hold of their own healthcare, and making decisions based on cost and quality. 

Medical Tourism is a very REAL healthcare option, and Amin is at the forefront of increasing transparency and education on the subject matter.  What an honor to follow the insights and growth of healthcare through a fellow classmate.  Amin’s leadership and passion pour out of these blogs…keep ‘em coming!” 

Jeannette K. Dufresne, MBA
Case Manager Specialist 
Honeywell HealthResource


2 comments on “Testimonial

  1. therese Sazégari
    January 14, 2011

    Dear Amin;
    When I read all these comments about you & your Blog; from your University’s professors, collegues or the other experts on Medical Tourisme ; I am proud to be Your Mom.
    Therese Sazegari

    Cher Amin ; Les éloges que tu as reçues de la part de tes Professeurs de l’Univercité, tes Supérieurs , tes Collegues et aussi des experts en ” médical Tourisme” de quate coins du Monde, me rendent très heureuse et flattée d’être ta mère et ton complice. J’espère que ceci t’ammenerait très loin !
    Sois patient , tu réussira , j’en suis certaine: Ta Maman

    • Amin Etemad
      January 15, 2011

      I love you Mom. It’s thanks to you the I am where I am. You are my true inspiration in life. Thank you for always being there.

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